Why Al-Fateh Schools

  1. Quick Return on investment
  2. Brand Image
  3. Marketing Support
  4. Administrative & Academic Support
  5. Professional development training and workshops.

Our Support

  1. A complete Campus opening plan and  pre-opening marketing plan
  2. National and local community marketing Support and material.
  3. Continuous Professional development programs for teaching faculty.

Financial Arrangement

This fee will be paid to Al-Fateh school system to use the rights of Al-Fateh School System . product and Services Franchise Fee: PK Rs. 10,00000 (10 lac)

Pak Rs. 5000000 (5 lac) at the time of Mou.

Pak Rs. 5000000 (5 lac)  at the time of agreement The Franchise Fee will be paid one time.

Fee Share:

Fee share of  9% (on Gross). on montly fee share 10% on addmission Fee Fee.

Building Criteria

Near Commercial area

Main road or main city


 2 kanal

Covered area

1 kanal

Children Age

Group 3-14

Populated area