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Al-fateh School System is highly academically-oriented without being highly selective. The criterion for acceptance in a class is academic attainment, not age. Although age acts as a limiting factor it is possible to find a three-year age range in the same class. In general, any students’ willing to learn is accepted.


Reason Behind

Our Success

There is no better gift for our Society than quality education. Quality education not only benefits children’s and their  families. It also has a positive impact on the community and society.

We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

Education at Al-faten school System strives to develop the mind, body and Spirit of its diverse students. Personality development, Islamic and Moral values of our priorities.

Our Teachers

Professional development is a formal on-job training to upgrade the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of a teacher is widely viewed as an important means of improving teaching and learning.